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June 29 - July 10 2022

Presented at 25A Belvoir. The development of this work was supported by Shopfront Arts Co-op's Open Shop Program and Inner West Council's EDGE Spaces Program.

Inspired by the legend of 后羿 (Hou Yi) and 嫦娥 (Chang’e)

Devised by the company


Director: Nicole Pingon

Producers: Julia Robertson and Annie Stafford

Stage Manager: Natasha Pontoh-Supit

Sound Designer & Composition: Christine Pan

Set Designer: Bill Chau

Costume Designer: Esther Zhong

Lighting Designer: Tyler Fitzpatrick

Lighting Actualiser: Sammy Read

Dramaturg & Swing: Adam Yoon

Devisor/Performers: Mym Kwa, Jon Lam, Jasper Lee-Lindsay, Monica Sayers and Rachel Seeto

In times past, there were ten suns in the sky. Each sun would take their turn to rise and set, until one day all ten suns leapt out together and ran wild… 


In-between suns, moons, heaven and earth lives the story of 后羿 (Hou Yi) and 嫦娥 (Chang’e); two dreamers connected through time, and bound to our present. A story retold, and reimagined for millenia. 


Guided by those who have travelled before, Moon Rabbit Rising embarks on a theatrical adventure through times past, dreams shared and worlds of boundless imagination. 


As we await the rising moon, what stories dance in the shadows?

VENUE: 25A Belvoir (Downstairs)

PREVIEWS: 29th June 
SEASON: 29th June - 10th July

RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, no interval
PRICE: $20-$25




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